For over 57 years, Aldridge has been a highly trusted contractor, always providing quality, efficiency, and safety to our customer. That's how we've grown to become one of the nation's leading electrical contractors. Aldridge has built a reputation as a solution-driven contractor who brings innovative means and methods to a project, often fabricating unique equipment that increases performance and safety. Many times we are the contractor on the project that no one else wanted to bid.

Subcontractor Services

Over 90% of Aldridge's work comes from owners and general contractors that have worked with us on previous contracts. We take pride in maintaining a reputation for reliability, safety, and efficiency. Aldridge customers are confident they will receive the highest quality in the most cost-effective manner.

Design/Build Services

Aldridge's knowledge and experience lend itself to designing the electrical piece of particular projects. Whether we are designing a complete system or providing support to your electrical engineer, Aldridge's expertise provides value during the design phase.

Project Management

Aldridge is committed to providing project managers with a comprehensive leadership program, continuous education, and divisional cross-training. As industry leaders, our project managers can provide the perfect solution when additional management is needed.