About Aldridge

With $500 Million in annual revenue and over 65 years of experience completing complex infrastructure projects, Aldridge is widely recognized as one of the leading contractors in the country.

Aldridge has built a reputation for completing challenging projects in the transportation, power, utility and industrial markets while upholding our commitment to being Incident and Injury Free. Our strength comes from our team, with over 1,000 of the industry’s best individuals driving the success of our organization. Aldridge provides quality work through innovation; finding better and more efficient ways to approach our projects and ensure customer satisfaction. 


As a learning organization, Aldridge is constantly evolving and this forward momentum is propelled by the passion and creativity found within Aldridge personnel. These unique and determined individuals are what make the organization so exceptional. People are also the driving force behind safety. Aldridge is committed to being Incident and Injury Free; to create an environment in which Nobody Gets Hurt. Safety is our #1 value and this mindset extends at home or at work, day or night.   


Building America's Infrastructure to improve quality of life.



Be the first choice for energy and transportation infrastructure.



Recruit and develop the industry's most passionate and creative people to take on the industry's most challenging work.