Runway 10C-28C

Aldridge was subcontracted to construct all electrical infra-structure and airfield lighting trim inside all new and existing pavement areas tying together two previous runway paving projects and the complete installation of FAA Navigational Instrument Landing Systems including facilities, supporting NAVAIDS, and FOTS Loops on the airfield.

Challenges for this project included completing the installation of a design built replacement of the existing O'Hare Campus Connectivity Fiber system and the modification of existing and construction of new Cargo Tunnels supporting the new runway and taxiway to be built over the top. All work was performed airside; that is on live taxiways and runways at all hours of the day with zero impact to the City of Chicago's airfield operations and no lost work days.

Additional scopes of work added to this project include: Snow melt systems for both the NALCV/SALCV, site prep for the proposed new SATCT, SALCV Regulator Upgrades, and Realignment of Cargo Road.