Stateline Substation

The Stateline switchyard separation project focused on re-configuring the 345kV & 138kV transmission equipment to operate as a Transmission Substation and Switchyard. Aldridge's scope included an entire renovation of the stations relay and communication controls both inside the substation as well as at six separate remote substations, also included was the restoration of the substation yard equipment. For this to be completed Aldridge installed new 138kV relay panels, 138kV SCADA cabinets, DC power systems for the 138kV control building, 345kV relay panels, 345kV SCADA cabinets, DC power system for the 345kV control building, 138kV switches, 138kV CCVTs, 138kV CTs, as well as associated cable/wire terminations and grounding for all existing and new yard equipment. Also included is placement of new AC panels for the 34.5kV Capacitor Banks, demolition of 345kV wave traps, and demolition of 138kV OCB's. The majority of this project was outage driven with 7 separate transmission outages all with extremely tight deadlines.