O'Hare Global Services

"Your attention to the details and the light fixture alternates that you suggested greatly contributed to the success of the project. It helped keep the project moving along and kept the design intent."

Mike Siciliano, AIA
Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Fowler Ridge Wind Farm

"Thank you for all that you and your crews have done to comply with the safety requirements for this project and being proactive to successfully complete this project in the safest manner possible. We still have a ways to go but, with your help and the Aldridge positive safety attitude I am confident we will stay on top."

Mike McGuire, Electric Construction Manager
RMT Windconnect

TrAIL Project

"First let me compliment you on your weekly safety reports. They are by far the most thorough and informative safety reports we receive for the project. I sincerely appreciate the copies of the signature pages for your annual compliance training and the fact that you secured signature pages concerning the safety toolbox topic and the safety stand down... good work."

Larry W. Renner, Manager, Transmission Safety and Quality Assurance
Allegheny Power


"I want to thank everyone involved in the huge effort required to restore the first two 345kV transmission lines damaged by the Mother's Day tornado near Pekin, Illinois. While transmission work is difficult under ideal circumstances, you were able to safely meet an aggressive schedule while dealing with precarious tower structures and cable tension. Our customers demand that we keep the lights on. Thank you again for your hard and efficient work."

Oliver D. Kingsley, Jr.,President and CEO
Commonwealth Edison

Great Lakes Naval Station Marina Piers

"Aldridge Electric completed this project with a high-level of workmanship. Aldridge was very professional during the duration of the project. The job-site always had the proper supervision and management always kept the subcontractors on task. They were very responsive to unforeseen conditions. Aldridge was able to quickly develop a plan of action and work through two unforeseen conditions without a delay to the project."

Trevor Parmley, Construction Manager
Great Lakes Naval Station

Camp Porter, Great Lakes Naval Station

"Aldridge consistently works at the highest level of professionalism from their project management staff to the work conducted in the field. They are very competent and organized in their approach to work. We have developed a true partnership with Aldridge that continues to grow as we work to complete the Camp Porter project as well as approaching new business opportunities. I recommend Aldridge Electric as a well qualified, professional contractor. Any construction project would benefit from their forward thinking, organization, and dedication to completing high quality work."

Aaron Weekly, Project Manager, LEED AP
Clark/Binderman Camp Porter, LLC

Top Crop Wind Farm

"Aldridge did a good job on the Top Crop wind farm project. This was their first 345kV three-breaker substation for ComEd, under contract with the Developer. Aldridge brought in a strong QA/QC support team in the field to ensure our standards and work practices were met. The substation build-out was on a fast-track schedule and Aldridge gave the extra effort to meet project milestone dates.

Michele Dybel, PE, Principal Project Manager

"We would like to commend the performance of the Aldridge Electric crew for their competent execution and the high quality of their workmanship. Your Project Manager was excellent to work with and his diligence and professionalism reflect most positively on Aldridge. Thank you for your perseverance over the past eighteen months in helping to bring this project to fruition."

Jim Rinnion, RPA, Vice President/General Manager

31st Street Bridge

"I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the high degree of quality work and professionalism that Aldridge has displayed on the reconstruction of the 31st Street Bridge project. Even though numerous design changes have occurred that have hampered an already difficult and fast-paced project, Aldridge has been able to respond quickly to each situation without sacrificing time or quality."

Bruce Williams, Senior Project Manager
Walsh Construction

Trump Tower

"Aldridge has extended their expertise on our projects. On Trump, they developed a "rig" in order to transport service transformers in the hoist. This action was critical to the phase completion of the project. Again, on Trump the largest and highest mixed use residential building in the United States, Aldridge worked with your team to assure the safe and efficient phased occupancy of the project. Both ComEd and your subcontractor, Aldridge were a key element to completing Trump-Chicago, a very complex electrical service project."

Robert J. Davis, Vice President 
Bovis Lend Lease