Project Planning

Agile Project Planning is a process and methodology used by Aldridge to improve system productivity and reduce waste. The program is focused on pre-planning, communication and data analysis. Through a more frequent and detailed review of our projects and processes, Aldridge is able to find inefficiencies, address complications, and improve safety.

We accomplish this by engaging our Top Field Leaders in:

Planning - Created from the field in: those doing the installation are included in the planning stage

Managing - the process from the top down

Communicating - Strong and more open lines of internal communication

Who is effected by project planning? EVERYONE.

Our PreFabrication Shop relies heavily on the successful implementation of the Project Planning process and further enhances Aldridge’s commitment to improving project cost, quality, and time.

Cost: Our pre-planning phase allows us to identify project elements to build prior to site arrival, reducing our labor costs.

Quality: Minimizing construction site elements to a clean and temperature-controlled workshop ensures a higher-quality product while simultaneously reducing safety hazards.

Time: By identifying project elements to create prior to field delivery, we are able to decrease build time and improve project efficiency - even when working around other subcontractors and their deadlines.