Enhanced Head Protection for all Aldridge Employees

Aldridge is always looking for ways to improve and better protect our employees. We remain focused on our IIF – Incident and Injury Free – commitment. In recent years, through analyzing head injury data in the construction industry, we realized that the hard hat — arguably the most essential piece of PPE — has stayed more or less the same for decades. It only provides protection for impact to the top of the head. The old hard hats offer no protection in the event of slips, trips, and falls, in situations where your head snaps back, or falling from a height. With any type of fall, the traditional hard hat will fall off. The construction industry is shifting to better head protection.

Aldridge is part of the 1st wave of construction companies to supply a new safety helmet to their employees. These helmets are at the forefront of industry standards providing an ergonomic fit for better head protection with protection against electrical shock, multiple attachable accessories, and an integrated chin strap. The strategically placed foam padding offers critical frontal, rear and side impact protection while the chin strap keeps the helmet in place.


By making this change, we better protect our employees and make sure that
everyone goes home safe to their families every day.

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