Aldridge Invests in Cooling Trailers to Keep Employees Safe

The safety of all team members, at work and at home, is a top priority for Aldridge. Many of our jobs require working in extreme conditions or potentially dangerous scenarios. Through our safety best-practices, we minimize the risk of exposure to potential hazards and equip our team with the training and resources they need to stay safe.

Prolonged exposure to extreme heat environments can be unsafe. Certain jobs require working in outdoor temperatures between 100-120 degrees, like a job we are currently performing in California, so Aldridge has invested in two cooling trailers. Each cooling trailer has fans connected to a generator and a water tank, which helps blow cool air, making the cooling trailer roughly 15-20 degrees cooler than the temperature outside. The trailer helps employees cool down, but doesn’t expose them to the extreme difference between exterior temperature and the air conditioned temperature inside a vehicle. 

Aldridge is committed to nobody getting hurt. The addition of these trailers helps support that mission.

To learn more about Aldridge’s safety commitment click here.