Bridges to Prosperity 2018

Aldridge is proud of our 10 team members who represented the company in Bolivia this summer. Over the course of two weeks, they helped the Bridges to Prosperity team build a 275 foot suspended bridge over the Rio Santa Rosa in Santa Rosa, Bolivia.


Bridges to Prosperity works towards a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. Their organization and its partners work with isolated communities to build footbridges over impassable rivers, to create safe access to education, health care, and market opportunities. Since 2001, Bridges to Prosperity has worked to build more than 225 footbridges in 20 countries. Throughout the world, there are nearly a billion people who lack access to the basic infrastructure that would enable them to thrive. Partners like Aldridge, allow Bridges to Prosperity to not only build the bridge but to share their knowledge with local foreman and superintendents so that they can continue to support infrastructure projects in the region long after the team has returned home.

The residents of the Santa Rosa community are farmers, growing potatoes, corn, wheat, and other vegetables to provide for their families. The Santa Rosa River becomes extremely dangerous and experiences periods of significant flash flooding. Prior to the bridge being completed, this made it very difficult for the 830 members of the community to gain access to critical government resources, health clinics, schools, and markets. Even when the river is not flooded and residents are able to cross, the crossing can be difficult to navigate. The Santa Rosa Suspended Footbridge will provide safe, year-round access for the members of the communities close to the vicinity and will empower the communities out of poverty.



The team spent their days hard at work, and their nights playing soccer with the children and introducing them to s'mores while sharing stories around the campfire. When they realized that lights at the soccer field would allow the children to play a little longer, they organized a plan. The Team secured and installed new LED lighting as an additional gift to the community.

The experience changed the lives of everyone involved. Aldridge is proud to be a part of this incredible cause and looks forward to many more years of bridge builds in partnership with Bridges to Prosperity. Congratulations and thank you to the hard workers of Team Aldridge who sacrificed their vacation time and spent
away from their homes and families to be a part of this incredible cause.

View some photos from the trip here: