The Aldridge Quality Mission

To continuously develop effective, quality-minded individuals that collectively plan, prepare, and execute projects that enhance the Aldridge reputation, strengthen our relationships, and exceed our customers' expectations. 

The Aldridge Quality Definition

A professional, well planned approach that consistently provides a project on-time, without rework, through a set of standardized procedures that deliver a product that exceeds our customers' expectations.

Five Steps to Success in Achieving our quality Mission

Planning - Set goals, assemble leadership and establish plans.

  • "Incident and Injury Free" Safety Based Culture Planning
  • Estimate Hand-off's
  • Detailed Pre-Job Planning Processes.
  • Work Breakdown Structures.
  • Work Plans/Checklists/Pre-Activity Meetings
  • No Rework

Organizing - Develop the deliverables, schedule and roles & responsibilities.

  • Minimize delays and costs for our customers in closing out their project
  • Establish clear roles & responsibilities for everyone on our project team
  • Collaborate with our customers to deliver a true schedule reflective, of our work while taking other trades into consideration.

Staffing - Find the best individuals to fill the roles.

  • Our passion for recruiting and retaining the best-in-class people allows us to staff properly at all levels while providing leadership support
  • We possess a wealth of expertise within our professional and diverse workforce of nearly 850 employees nationwide
  • Our comprehensive in-house training program allows us to provide and properly prepare the right talent for any project.


  • Communication with all stakeholders 
  • Early detection of potential project obstacles 
  • Solution based collaboration with our customers
  • Recognition program for employees who go "above and beyond" to exceed our customers expectations (Spotlight on Award)
  • Professionalism is valued and taught by the example of company leaders
  • Proper and timely documentation

Controlling - Measure the process and drive accountability.

  • Perform quality audits
  • Track progress of projects from beginning to end
  • Take ownership with pride
  • Continuously monitor work plans and adjust accordingly
  • Listen to our customers and strive to better serve them at all times
  • Make no decisions without evaluation of the facts
  • Customer Quality Time Outs (QTO)

Douglas Sandner
Director of Quality

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