A message from Steve and Alex


This issue focuses on a widely used resource across the world: bridges. Bridges help tie together communities, enable commerce, and provide access to everything from healthcare to education. Historically, Aldridge has always been drawn to complex projects to which our people have passion toward. Through the years this has resulted in a long resume of different types of bridges all over the world, and you will see many of those projects highlighted in this issue of the Pipeline.

To most of the motoring public, bridges may seem simple. For the builders reading this, you know how much goes into bridge construction. As next-generation family members, we came up working in the field side-by-side with union professionals and management who to this day, still help us build our projects. As we grow the business we still see a lot of the same faces who go the extra mile to build our reputation. We want to thank the technical experts and people in our workforce who help us build these projects safely, on budget and exceeding expectations. At Aldridge, we call them subject matter experts and we embrace them. Construction is not an exact science and when the going gets tough, you need technical expertise. When you are awarded a contract, you need experts to help plan the job. At Aldridge, we embrace the technical people because they are the difference makers. Thank you for all of our employees both new and tenured who help us execute on our mission every day.

- As always, stay safe -