lax Terminal 1.5

This LAX project was designed to provide an additional terminal for baggage check, baggage claim, and a food area to serve Terminal 1 and 2. The original scope included 300 soil displacement piles, test piles to determine pile depth requirements, providing engineering services for pile design, and installation of piles for the tower crane during construction. The revised scope included 192 CIDH piles, 9,600 feet of installed piles, 1,500 cubic yards of concrete, installation of cross sonic logging (CSL) tubing, and cross sonic logging (CSL) testing.

The site was a dual level, high security work area. Piles had to be installed on the Apron level where crews and subcontractors had to navigate the active terminals with planes and airport traffic. The lower level work area had one way in and all materials had to be moved in with a crane. All concrete on the project had to be placed with a pump truck. Because of the mid project design change the schedule was tight and two rigs were used to complete the project. The project team developed an installation plan to not cluster one area with too much work going on due to equipment and man power requirements. The project was completed with drilling polymers which had to be pumped out of the lower work into storage tanks in the upper work area.

Aldridge received multiple acknowledgments for our attention to safety and planning. Because access to the lower work area was through the arrivals for the airport all equipment had to be delivered on the night shift. Equipment barely fit through the access provided but upfront planning by the project team allowed for a seamless mobilization operation. Site storage was limited, so all rebar cages and steel casing had to be delivered to the job site every day. Careful planning and continued diligence resulted in finishing the project one month ahead of schedule.