Innovation at Work: BIM and Prefabrication

O'Hare Airport 9C NAVAIDS

Utilizing BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies and prefabrication have become an important part of the Aldridge preplanning process. Project teams are working closely with the BIM/CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Department to create custom solutions that will help increase efficiency, while managing potential safety hazards.

The 9C NAVAIDs project is a recent example of how BIM technology and prefabrication make Aldridge a leader in innovative solutions.

The Aldridge team saw value in creating 3D models to layout the project, finding any obstacles during the preconstruction phase, and using the model for prefabrication opportunities. Using Revit software, Aldridge prefabrication specialists fully designed the conduit and equipment layout of several buildings. The models also provided 2D drawings showing plan views of the above ground and underground work, section views, and foundation openings. Detail sheets for items such as underground racks to be built in the prefabrication shop were also created.

Applying these processes resulted in many components being prefabricated, which ultimately allowed for an overall safer and more efficient project by eliminating in-the-field hazards, and decreasing installation times.

As the General Contractor for this project, Aldridge self-performed nearly all aspects of the construction process including: design, excavation, building foundations, framing, and electrical install.

Innovative approaches like these set Aldridge apart. By utilizing our in-house resources in BIM technologies and prefabrication, we increase safety, cut cost, improve schedule, and ensure a high quality delivered project. That's the Aldridge advantage. To learn more, visit: