Substation security enhancement standards have been set by the federal government in order to better protect infrastructure.

For this project, Aldridge was contracted as a part of multi-year program to enhance the physical security of a number of substations within a designated service territory. The first substation consisted of approximately 3,700' of perimeter protection with a variety of physical barriers and security technology solutions.

The fence type provided the customer with a demilitarized zone (DMZ) when space constraints would not allow for a traditional 15' stand-off. Also included were multiple vehicle gates, complete with operator and access control systems.

The security design consisted of a combination of security cameras, barrier technology, and intrusion detection on the fence line. All installation, wiring, hardware, software, integration and commissioning were included within the Aldridge scope of work. All work was completed within an energized substation with multiple 138kV and 345kV transmission lines overhead.