As a trusted contractor in the power utility market for over 65 years, a logical extension of our services has developed into gas market infrastructure work, making Aldridge a full-service utility project solution. Aldridge has established credibility as a contractor of choice and trusted full-service utility provider, which has eliminated cost and logistical complications of juggling several contractors. Our team of highly-experienced professionals specialize in innovative and custom natural gas utility solutions for both urban and rural construction projects. Aldridge prides itself in being a top nationwide provider of complex underground projects for major utilities, including infrastructure installations, repairs, and maintenance for the natural gas pipeline marketplace.


  • Automated meter reading and installation

  • Vault installation and replacement

  • Steel and HDPE piping

  • Inspection services

  • Pipeline integrity – excavation and repair

  • Directional drilling and hydro-excavating

  • GPS facility data collection capabilities

  • Cathodic protection

  • Gas service cross-bore televising

  • Disconnects/reconnects/relights

  • Gas distribution pipeline installation and replacement

  • Gas transmission pipeline installation and replacement

  • Service installation and replacement

  • Distribution gas riser replacement

  • Joint installations (power, telecom, gas)

  • Conversion projects

  • Station work

  • Storage fields

  • Distribution integrity management

  • Metering installation, move-outs, and replacement

  • Integrity Digs

Quality and Safety

As with any of our markets served, Aldridge places the utmost importance on training, education and safety to insure our customers, community and work sites are safe and productive. In-house courses paired with union and other valuable industry training programs ensure our employees’ skill sets remain on the cutting edge. Our core practices include:

  • Operator Qualification

  • Safety training

  • Self-assessment

  • Key performance indicators

  • Proactive prevention

  • Leadership training


Aldridge’s state-of-the-art gas pre-fab shop offers our team the ability to perform as much of the labor in advance to ensure additional precision and keep our employees in the field from extended exposure to potentially hazardous conditions.