College of Lake County Expansion

Aldridge crews performed work on College of Lake County’s Cafe Addition and Core Renovation. The Cafe addition included an industrial kitchen and food court on the first floor and a geothermal plant in the basement. The geothermal plant is used to heat and cool the A & B wings of the college and has the capacity to heat and cool other areas or additions being done at the college in the future. Work for this phase of the project included new 3000 amp electrical service, high-efficiency LED lighting, fire alarm system, an automatic transfer switch for EM power, power feeds for the switch-gear and motors in the geothermal plant, a lighting control system, and data cabling.

In addition to work on the Cafe, Aldridge performed A & B wing renovations. These wings are comprised of 205,000 sq. feet of student educational space. Remodeling included new electrical service, power to offices and classrooms, high-efficiency LED lighting, a lighting control system that ties in the building automation system, fire alarm system, updated HVAC system, and overhaul of technological cabling. All the phases were done in occupied areas, so all work on power, lighting, fire alarm, and data outlets had to be completed without any disruption of classes.

These upgrades will help the College of Lake County further enhance student experience, improve safety, operate more efficiently, and support the latest in classroom technology.