Aldridge Builds: Airport Transit Systems

San Francisco Air Train System Expansion & Control Upgrades

Aldridge was contracted to replace the existing people mover control system with radio-based train controls along the entire existing elevated guide-way. In addition, the guide-way is being extended 1,750 feet to connect to a new rental car facility and a new hotel station. Aldridge scope includes furnishing and installing: fiber optic cable with associated distribution boxes; control cable; Cat5E cable; cable trays with covers; and guide-way lighting fixtures. Crews are working to install over 22,000 LF of power and signal rail and guide-way switches. Additional scope includes modifications and additions to: the central control system; blue light system; intrusion alarm system; public address system; SCADA system; and platform door system. Modifications to the existing system are performed at night during 6-hour work windows on live track while new construction on the extension is executed during normal work hours. Construction is expected to be complete by Fall 2020.


O'Hare Airport Transit System (ATS) Expansion & Modernization


This project provides the City of Chicago with a new, robust, dependable, wireless train control system and 36 new electric train cars. The 14,000-foot elevated guide-way was extended an additional 2,000 feet in order to reach a new multi-modal facility. The facility provides long-term parking spaces, rental car facilities, and access into and out of the airport by shuttle, regional bus, or commuter train. Aldridge scope includes: a new traction power substation; installation of traction power duct banks to provide power to the new power rails; a facility power substation that provides power for the new train control equipment along the extension; multiple traction power switching stations; new UPS equipment; guide-way heating; and emergency lighting. Also part of the overall project is a new maintenance and storage facility that includes two new maintenance tracks and an additional maintenance and recovery vehicle storage track. These tracks require the same train control equipment, communications, guide-way heating, and traction power as the elevated guide-way tracks.

Aldridge utilized prefabrication for many components of the scope. Assemblies were created in an off-site controlled facility, streamlining the installation work performed on the elevated guide-way. Construction is expected to be complete by Fall 2019.